Bespoke willow coffins handmade in Herefordshire


Willow coffins.

Beautiful. Natural. Sustainable.

Our willow (wicker) coffins are lovingly handcrafted here on our farm in Leominster, North Herefordshire where we also grow our own willow. Homegrown willow coffins coming soon!

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Eco-friendly and plastic free​
Woven with UK grown willow
Ashes caskets available to match
Come and help weave part of the coffin
Customisation options available


Willow is a fast growing, renewable crop which is excellent at sequestering carbon and provides a wonderful habitat for all manner of insects, mammals and birds.

Every winter, when the willow is dormant, the new growth is cut back to the stool. The same cutting will continue to grow for decades, making it a very sustainable choice for coffin making and basketry in general.

A single willow cutting can have 20 or more new rods growing from it, and some varieties will have double or more! This means you can harvest a lot of material from a very small area.

Where does your willow come from?

I planted 2000 willow cuttings in February 2023 and they have grown spectacularly in our red Herefordshire clay, with some varieties growing to almost 10 foot in a year! The new growth will be harvested this winter, air dried for a few months and will be ready to use by the middle of 2024.

As of February 2024, I have planted a second willow bed with another 1000+ willows, further expanding the amount of willow grown here and available to weave into our coffins.


Our Story

Hello! I’m Steph and I’m an independent coffin maker based in North Herefordshire. I have a City and Guilds qualification in Basketry and I am a member of The Basketmakers Association.

Find out more about me and how Wegnalls Willow Coffins started.



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