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Bespoke willow coffins handmade in Herefordshire

We know that saying goodbye to a loved one and choosing a coffin can be difficult, which is why we take the utmost care and attention to detail when weaving our willow coffins.

Our willow coffins are lovingly made from start to finish in our workshop, from preparing the bases to sewing the lining, we provide a fully personalised service.

British grown

Suitable for Burial or Cremation

Matching ashes caskets available

Buff willow coffins

The buff willow coffin is made using the finest Somerset willow that has been boiled, stripped of its bark and dried, leaving smooth toffee colour rods.

The bands of white used in the coffin are the same variety of willow as the buff but the rods are simply stripped of the bark and dried, leaving the creamy white willow core.

This is the quickest coffin to make.
Solid ply base and pine lid centre.
Sisal rope handles.
Hand carved hazel fastenings.
Unbleached Calico coffin and lid lining.
Mattress and pillow filled with hay from our fields.
Waterproof lining available on request
Various customisation options, including different colours of willow for the banding and / or plait (white, brown or green willows, subject to availability) and personalised lining material.

Brown willow coffins

Using the same design and features as above, the brown willow rods have been dried with their bark on, which gives the coffin a more natural texture than the buff willow.

They are called brown willows when they still have their bark on, rather than the stripped willow above. But in actual fact they come in a wide variety of colours and shades, as seen in the photos (right) showing my recently harvested willows.

Coming Late Spring 2024: Brown willow coffins made with homegrown willow.

Why is there a delay between harvesting and weaving with your own material?

The homegrown willow needs to be left for a few months after it has been harvested so that it can dry out. If it is woven before this happens, it will shrink as it dries and the weaving would become loose.

Once the willow has dried, it can be resoaked in water (which can take up to a week or 10 days depending on the variety) and then woven with. As it has already ‘pre-shrunk’, when it dries again it will maintain its shape and the strength of the weaving.

Brown willow coffin – Mottled pattern using 5 different varieties of willow, along with white willow side stakes and plaits.

Ashes Caskets

Ashes caskets can be made to match with your chosen Wegnalls Willow coffin or may be purchased separately.

Woven in any combination of buff, white or brown willows that are available, the ashes urns are available as a round or oval basket shape.

Pictured (left) are just some of the cremation ashes caskets that have been commissioned recently, but I am happy to discuss and design a personalised basket with you.

All ashes caskets include a drawstring heavy cotton bag or can be lined with calico (or your own material) like our coffins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your willow coffins suitable for cremation and burial?

Yes. Wegnalls willow coffins are made from natural materials and are suitable for all types of burial. Currently we are using plywood bases for our coffins but we are looking into more sustainable options and will have more details on these soon.

As our coffins are all made with a solid base, they are ideal for cremations. However not all crematoriums will accept coffins which are not accredited with the FFMA or CCSA, which mine are not currently, so we need to check the crematorium’s requirements first.

How do I order?

You can order a willow coffin directly from us by emailing steph@wegnallswillowcoffins.co.uk or complete the contact form. We will happily answer any questions you may have and go through the options available.

After discussing your order, we would advise letting your funeral director or undertaker know that you have purchased a coffin from us. We will contact them for the internal measurements and any further information, as needed.

How much does a willow coffin cost?

Our bespoke willow coffins are made to order, therefore the price can vary depending on materials and size of the coffin. Please contact us with more details for a tailored quote.

Can I weave part of the coffin and personalise it?

Definitely. I think it is really important that families are given the opportunity to be involved in the making of the coffin and no previous weaving experience is necessary as I will guide you through the process.

In fact many people find the weaving process to be a mindful and meditative one. Partaking in the weaving of your loved one’s coffin can be a valuable experience for all ages.

You may also wish to include special items into the weaving, whether these are special keepsakes, ribbon, dried flowers or something else, these can be discussed and found a place for on the coffin.

If you wish to provide your own lining material we will happily line the coffin using this material instead. Rather than using the calico for instance, your loved one might have a favourite material or bedding that we could use.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to help weave a part of the coffin, or wish to add in anything extra, so that a convenient time and date can be arranged.

Do I need a name plate?

Name plates are required for cremations and most burials, usually with the full legal name of the person that has died along with age or date of birth and death. 

We work with a local business who specialise in laser engraving and can arrange a wooden plaque made for your coffin with the above details and any other special touches you may wish to add. Prices start at £20.

What are your lead times and delivery options?

Currently all of our willow coffins are made to order. This is because of the nature of willow, it is stored dry and it needs to be soaked in water before it is flexible enough to weave with. The buff willow takes a matter of hours to become pliable but the brown willows, with their bark still attached, can take a week or more before they are sufficiently flexible.

Buff willow coffins can generally be delivered within one week of order confirmation but due to the longer soaking time required for brown willow, delivery of these can take up to 14 days.

We can usually deliver your coffin to you or your chosen funeral director within Herefordshire or further afield. (Delivery costs are dependent on distance. UK delivery only.) Alternatively collection can be made from our North Herefordshire workshop by appointment.

Hopefully we have answered any questions that you might have about our willow coffins but if not, please get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you.

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