Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things to think about when organising a funeral and it can be difficult to know where to start when buying a coffin.

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we are asked and should cover most enquiries about Wegnalls Willow Coffins. If you think of a question we haven’t answered, please get in touch via the contact page.

Are your willow coffins suitable for burial?

Yes. Wegnalls willow coffins are made from natural materials and are the perfect choice for both traditional burial and natural burial grounds.

We offer a woven base coffin to be used for natural or green burials, which are made without plastic, glues or metal. 

Above: A woven base coffin, ideal for use at green burial sites.
Photographed at Humber Woodland of Remembrance, Herefordshire.

Are they suitable for cremation?

Our coffins can be made with a flat plywood base which is perfect for cremation. 

Please note: We are currently in the process of becoming accredited with the FFMA, which will allow nationwide use of our coffins for cremation. As such, we would need to check the crematorium’s requirements before confirming an order. (Unfortunately not all crematoriums accept coffins which do not currently have this).

Ply base coffin with white willow side stakes being put down as a rod border.

Do I have to order a coffin through a funeral director?

No, you don’t.
Many of the cheaper willow coffins you find online are made in the far east. These are not woven with the same ethics, quality of materials or attention to detail as those woven in the UK.

By choosing to buy direct from a maker, such as myself, you are directly supporting a small business and buying a coffin that you can be assured is woven sustainably using local materials. You also have more choice in how the coffin is constructed and you can be involved with the process, should you wish. 

If you are choosing one of our coffins, you should let your funeral director or undertaker know at an early stage. We will also contact them for the internal measurements or any further information, as needed.

How do I order a Wegnalls Willow coffin?

To order a willow coffin, email or complete the contact form

We will happily answer any questions you may have and go through the options available to you.

How much does a willow coffin cost?

Our handmade, bespoke willow coffins start at £800. They are made to order, therefore the price can vary depending on materials and size of the coffin. 

Unlike cheap imported wicker coffins of questionable quality, you can be assured that all Wegnalls Willow Coffins are handmade with care in Herefordshire using British materials. 
Additionally each coffin comes with a calico lining (in both the basket and the lid), along with a calico mattress and pillow filled with hay, as standard. 

Please do get in touch as everything can always be discussed and we can provide you with a tailored quote.

Can I weave part of the coffin?

Two pairs of hands helping to weave a coffin

Yes, you definitely can.

I think it is really important that families are allowed to be part of the coffin weaving process, if they would like to. In fact many people find the weaving process to be a mindful and meditative one. It can also help to just ‘be’ in the same space as the coffin whilst it’s being woven, having a cup of tea and slice of cake, and that is also fine. 

No previous weaving experience is necessary as Steph will guide you through the process.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to help weave a part of the coffin so that a convenient time and date can be arranged.

How can I personalise my coffin?

You may wish to add special items into the weaving, such as strips of material, ribbon, natural materials or dried flowers. 

Or rather than using calico for the coffin lining material, your loved one might have a favourite material or bedding that could be used instead.

These can be discussed beforehand to ensure they are suitable to use* and we will endeavour to find a place for these on the coffin. 

*It must be a fully biodegradable and natural material for use in natural burial grounds. 

Ox-Eye Daisies woven into the side of a willow coffin with ferns displayed on the top.

Do I need a name plate?

Name plates are required for cremations and most burials. These usually have the full legal name of the person that has died along with age or date of birth and death. 

In addition, a special message or phrase can be added to the name plate.

We work with a local business who specialise in laser engraving and can arrange a wooden plaque made for your coffin with the above details and any other special touches you may wish to add.

Price from £15.

What are your lead times and delivery options?

Lead times:

While we sometimes have small amount of stock, most willow coffins are made to order. 

Current lead times are as follows:

  • Buff willow coffins: 7 days
  • Brown willow coffins: Up to 14 days

In exceptional circumstances, this could be shorter depending on materials and time availability. 


We can deliver your coffin to you / your chosen funeral director within Herefordshire for a minimal fee.
If you are located elsewhere in the UK, delivery costs are dependent on distance.
Alternatively, collection can be made from the workshop.

Can I buy a child or infant sized willow coffin?

In the unfortunate event that a coffin should be needed for an infant or child, please get in touch and we can discuss the options available for such a coffin.

Inside view of a coffin showing lining, mattress and pillow
Looking down on the lid and rounded front of a buff willow coffin
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